Cypress or Hardwood Posts?

Cypress Posts are more consistent in quality so we recommend them. Hardwood posts come from interstate and are 'mixed species' of hardwood so it can be difficult to get a consistent product.

Do you charge a Deposit

We ask for 50% of the total quote prior to start date to cover the cost of materials.

What if my Neighbour refuses a new fence?

We can help you with a "Notice to Fence" form that gives your neighbour 30 days to respond. We've never had an issue where a neighbour hasn't agreed following this notice!

Do you give a warranty on the fence?

We warranty our fences for 12 months, Materials and Labour. Warranty however, is voided if anything is attached to the fence.

How soon can you Start?

Lead times can vary by season, however we can usually fit you in within the next 3 weeks! Drop us a line to check current lead times.

How deep do the Posts go in?

Fencing regulations in Victoria recommend a standard height Paling fence should have minimum of 450mm in the ground. Our posts are always set at a minimum of 600mm in the ground - as the fence gets taller, our posts go in deeper. We always buy longer posts than the timber yards supply as standard to ensure we can achieve great depth.

Do you use Concrete or Quickset?

Firstly, no fencer should be using Quickset as it is designed for non-structural purposes. Secondly, we employ the stabilised earth method of bedding in our posts. This consists of one third of a bag of cement mixed with water. We then slowly add back the soil from the hole until we achieve a toothpaste consistency. This method is widely used and we guarantee the posts will be rock solid!